City of Samson

16 East Main Street

Samson, Alabama 36477


Situated on a spot of land in what was formerly a part of the Mississippi Territory, is Samson, Alabama.  What we know as the “Wiregrass” was at one time the Indian reservation of the Lower Creek Indians.

According to the older history of the town, it was first named McKinleyville, then Morristown, and finally Sampson (then shortened to Samson).


After the fire of April 6, 1907 industries were brought into the community to reinforce the agricultural economy which was the main source of income for the citizenry, once the turpentine industry had declined.  Livestock and poultry has now complimented the row-crop farming of peanuts, corn and soybeans.

The rich and varied history of Samson includes the story of the town motto, which has changed three times since the town was founded.

During the Depression, the T.S. Faulk and Company Store in downtown Samson, bought a boxcar load of snuff.  The boxcar sat for an extended period of time at the town depot, thus earning Samson the nickmane of Snuff City, U.S.A.

Several civic groups who were disenchanted with the Snuff City nickname, decided to plant all roads leading into Samson with massive beds of red roses.    With the planting of the rose beds, they hoped the new slogan "City of a Million Roses", would take hold.  However, as the roses gradually disappeared, the old slogan resurfaced.

In more recent times the town has adopted a new slogan, "Samson...We Grow Friendly People."  This phrase seems to genuinely capture the hospitality and warmth of the Town's 2,300 residents.

Along with a relaxed and friendly lifestyle, Samson offers something of interest for everyone.

Camp Victory, just outside of Samson, is a camp with excellent facilities which helps campers develop spiritually, socially and physically.

Recreational opportunities abound at nearby major fishing and hunting areas. The largest Alabama State Forest is less than five miles away. 

Samson is within two hours of snow-white beaches, art museums, pioneer settlements and college sporting events, as well.

Friendly people, a quiet atmosphere, and a commitment to preserving the past all make Samson one of Alabama's best surprises.