City of Samson

16 East Main Street

Samson, Alabama 36477


Building Permits are required BEFORE construction begins. Building permits are based on price of construction or replacement cost.  Zoning setbacks must be followed.  You can find the zoning ordinance on the Resolutions and Ordinances tab on the left.  Fence permits also are required, they are a flat fee of $5.00. If you are not sure if your project would require purchasing a building permit, you may call City Hall at the number listed above.  

You must bring in building permit application and a drawing of project or improvement with footages marked on drawing.

Mobile homes are allowed inside the city limits if they are not MORE THAN 12 years old.  Mobile homes require a building permit and have setback requirements.

Storage sheds require a building permit and setback requirements.  YOU MAY NOT LIVE IN A STORAGE SHED INSIDE THE CITY LIMITS.